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Leduca Development and Construction Company has been writing its story since 2004. Throughout these years, the company stood out by its strong potential in high standard real estate properties.

With the experience acquired, Leduca expanded its business and entered the properties development market of residential and commercial buildings. In this new market, the company intends to launch enterprises in the whole state of Rio de Janeiro. Because Leduca seeks total quality in everything it does, always placing itself ahead of its time and in tune with the world market trends. Therefore, it was the first to launch the concept of smart homes, aiming to facilitate and optimize the lives of its clients, offering upscale items at affordable costs for the entire population. To generate increasingly quality of life for its customers is Leduca’s main goal.

To develop real estate enterprises with high construction and quality standards, always aiming to respect, fulfill and amaze our customers’ expectations.

To be among the best development and construction companies of Rio de Janeiro. Not better in numbers, but in quality of our products, quality of service and satisfaction of our customers.

Satisfaction of our customers in first place, customer proximity, quality, commitment, respect, ethics, transparency, teamwork, employees’ valorization and recognition, social and environmental responsibility.


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Av. das Américas 7899, Bloco 2 – Sala 501 - Edifício Platinum – Condomínio Mundo Novo
Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22793-081

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